Eco-Conscious Leather

At Whitebirch we are committed to sustainability. To us, creating earrings sustainably means searching for sources of “pre-consumer” leather scrap. This can include leather that was discarded before it was ready for use (defective dyeing or finishing), leather that was discarded before it reached consumers (samples, swatches or overstock) or leather scraps that were produced while larger items were being made (pieces leftover after cutting out a pattern). Using this clean scrap capitalizes on the massive amounts of leather already produced and diverts leather that would otherwise be destined for the landfill.
While I do purchase small pieces of “new” leather to accent my collections, I look for scrap packs whenever possible and use almost every square inch (hello, leather studs!). Very, very little leather hits the garbage can in my studio, and if I could find a way to use the leather confetti that remains, I would!


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- Eco-Conscious Wholesalers -

I’d be happy to create a custom order for you where I can select styles and colours that are 100% recycled. I can also do my best to note the leathers previous use, if you and your customers would be interested!