Have a question about your order? Look no further! 

Here are some common questions we get asked with our orders. Don't see the answer you're looking for? Send us a quick email to info@whitebirchhandmadegoods.com for some assistance.

- I love my earrings, but I've lost one or accidentally broken it. Can I have a single replacement earring?

Darn, that's too bad! We will happily send you a single replacement earring to make your pair whole again. Please place an order for a replacement earring here

- I've received a broken or damaged earring and need a replacement. 

We are so sorry that you've received a faulty order. Unfortunately, we don't have any control on it's journey from our office to when it arrives to you. Please refer to our "shipping & return policies" page or send us an email at info@whitebirchhandmadegoods.com so we can discuss your order. 

- What's the best way to care for my earrings?

To keep your earrings in the best condition, we recommend hanging them, or in their dust bag laying flat.

Most earrings can be wiped clean with a slightly damp cloth, but be careful because water can discolour some lighter leathers!

If an earring gets bent, it can be flattened with a barely warm iron. Cover the earring with a cloth or towel first and avoid the hooks.

Please note our leather jewelry is NOT water proof or water resistant. Please take care not to expose your earrings to excess water as it will discolour.

- What materials are the hooks?

At this time, the hardware I use is a hypoallergenic metal alloy. All hooks are lead and nickel free.

Stamped .925 sterling silver and 14k gold fill hook options are also available for extra sensitive ears.

Will your earrings tarnish or turn my skin green?

This is a tricky question! When properly stored and cared for, NO! But if your skin has a low pH (acidic), it can wear down the coating on the earrings and react with the metals. Some leathers may contain natural oils that react with the hooks, but this will be minimal.

Rose gold specifically, contains small amounts of copper for the colouring. Copper is the metal that reacts with skin and turns it green when worn for extended periods of time. Unfortunately that is out of our control. We recommend avoiding the use of hair products, lotion etc, when your earrings are in. Also, make sure your earlobes are clean and dry before putting your earrings in.

Do you do custom and/or personalized orders?

We're happy to get custom for you! Send us a message here and we can discuss your vision!

- Where do you source your leather?

At Whitebirch we are committed to sustainability. To us, creating earrings sustainably means searching for sources of “pre-consumer” leather scrap. This can include leather that was discarded before it was ready for use (defective dyeing or finishing), leather that was discarded before it reached consumers (samples, swatches or overstock) or leather scraps that were produced while larger items were being made (pieces leftover after cutting out a pattern). Using this clean scrap capitalizes on the massive amounts of leather already produced and diverts leather that would otherwise be destined for the landfill.
While I do purchase small pieces of “new” leather to accent my collections, I look for scrap packs whenever possible and use almost every square inch (hello, leather studs!). Very, very little leather hits the garbage can in my studio, and if I could find a way to use the leather confetti that remains, I would!