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Eco Conscious Leather

Put simply, second hand is the most ethical and sustainable option for animal leather, as it capitalises on the massive amount of leather already created. With supply chain awareness, sourcing of leather remnants and diverting leather destined for the landfill I’m able to use it in an eco conscious and sustainable way to produce my jewelry.

Please note I do purchase small amounts of “new” leather, to accent my collections! I try to purchase scrap packs when possible, and I’m very careful to use every possible piece. After creating, I’m left with basically leather confetti! Very, very little leather ever hits a garbage can in my studio!


Eco conscious wholesalers -

I’d be happy to create a custom order for you where I can select styles and colours that are 100% recycled. I can also do my best to note the leathers previous use, if you and your customers would be interested!